Young people today need to be prepared to apply scientific thinking skills to everyday decisions. In an article for the FE News website, OUP’s Director of Assessment Dave Leach discusses how our work on the new Programme for International Student Assessment Framework will help.

“Assessing students on their ability to use scientific skills to analyse data and evidence, PISA will examine to what extent science education inspires action towards sustainability and protecting the environment, and how, ultimately, we are shaping “science citizens” for the future.

“I have worked on many editions of PISA before alongside groups of academics and practitioners who are experts in their field, but this one was a particular challenge.

“We were tasked with describing ‘Science’ against an increasingly uncertain backdrop; a rapidly evolving global pandemic, a climate emergency accelerating with young people protesting strongly against existing policies and attitudes, and a media environment where misinformation can be given equal representation as scientific fact.

“The Framework for 2025 is so much broader than the first one I worked on for the 2015 test and reminds me how difficult life can be for 15-year-old children, with world challenges falling on their shoulders.”

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